Corona protection measures 2022

So that we all feel safe, we have developed a hygiene protection concept. So we can all enjoy the Schwabing Christmas market to the fullest. Thank you for taking part: Hygiene regulations Schwabing Christmas market 2021

  • Wherever possible, all visitors must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 m and avoid crowds of people. If it is not possible to keep the minimum distance, we recommend wearing a medical face mask.

  • People are excluded from visiting the Christmas market:
    • with proven SARS-CoV-2 infection
    • who are subject to quarantine measures
    • symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • Please follow the visitor guidance (arrow markings …) and adhere to the distance markings!

  • Separate hygiene regulations apply at the catering stands, which you can find on the notices there and comply with.
  • Mask and distance requirements apply to the sanitary facilities.
  • The instructions of the organizer are to be obeyed during the market time on the market area. This can be done e.g. through folders or loudspeaker announcements.
  • Domestic rights are consistently exercised against people who do not comply with the applicable safety and hygiene regulations.