Social Projects

The artist from Schwabing Christmas Market value social commitment. It is imoprtant to them and one project means a lot to them:

KulturRaum e.V. and their project KulturKinder

Since 2011 visitors can pick and fullfill wishes at Schwabing christmas market from a „wishing tree“. These whishes are from children from low-income families, living in Munich and are worth around 20.- € each. This project is organised by KulturRaum e.V.

KulturKinder, a project from KulturRaum e.V. aims to help children from low-income families and acts as intermiedary in distributig free cultural events for children up to the age of 13 years.

KulturRaum e.V. adresses the families direct as well as social facilities, that look after children.

This way about 15.000 tickets have been distributed and reached over 4000 children in Munich.